Exile road rovers by ExileFlash


Exilov Mikhailovich SanHusky (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is from Siberia, Russia. Formerly a normal Husky pulling a dog sled, he was called by the Master and became a Road Rover. Exile is a loyal and devoted teammate, and does not question his position. He respects Hunter's rank as the leader of the team, and he loves his teammates as family, with the exception of Blitz. While Exile is mostly warm hearted and gets along well with most of the team, he shares Colleen's hatred for Blitz. He constantly calls Blitz a "Weird Boy" and messes up many common sayings. His powers include super strength, heat vision, and freeze vision. Exile often spoke with a deep Russian accent, and he was also the team's mechanic. He is known for his song "Russian Names" which was later cut from the final episode (A Day in the Life), can easily found on YouTube.