Hunter (voiced by Jess Harnell) is the leader of the Road Rovers. He is a Golden Retriever from the United States. His power is superspeed. He lists other "superpowers" like super luck, super trust and super loyalty, which are more of traits than they are superpowers. He and Colleen have romantic feelings for each other. How his power of superspeed works is Hunter running at a fast rate leaving a trail of fire behind. He sounds like actor Don Stark. He values most members of his team, except for Blitz, who he (much like the rest of the team) despises for his flaws. Hunter is usually the most calm, level-headed, and easy-going of the team, as such is indicated by his mostly tranquil and happy-go-lucky personality. But while he doesn't share the passionate hatred for Blitz that Colleen and Exile have for him, he doesn't really care that much for Blitz's problems. And yet, Hunter goes out of his way to save Blitz despite how much of a burden he is to the team. This shows that Hunter and Blitz are friends. Hunter usually gets most of the action. And as such, he often overshadows the rest of the team. This basically makes him the Gary Stu of the show.