"That's amazing"
Vital statistics
Title The Multiple Personality Disorder
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Mike
Health 100
Level 1
Status Alive
Location United States

Mike is a human and was seen in one episode of the FANON SERIES (NOT THE REAL ROAD ROVER SEIRES). He is seen to be friends with Hunter and Exile. He doesn't have any interactions with Colleen but they both notice each other same for Muzzle and Shag. But as for Blitz, he despises him. Though Mike doesn't originally belong on here, but Mike is amazing so who cares? Mike is seen to have a somewhat good relation with Parvo (surprisingly) though they don't interact much.


Mike is a nice, well-meaning teenager. However, he isn't himself a lot of the time, as he suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. This causes him to involuntarily switch to a different person in certain situations, afterwards with no memory to what has happened. According to Mike himself, his condition has caused him much strife in the past. This contributes to him refusing to tell the other contestants about it at first. He instead chooses to be known as an overly dedicated actor/comedian. However, in many instances he finds his claims falling apart. This is especially so when dealing with his crush, Zoey. He appears to be at peace with it by Total Drama All-Stars, not even hesitant to announce when he is planning on switching. The Final Wreck-ening shows that Mike actually deeply cares for his alters despite finding them troublesome, often unpredictable behavior, he is far from elated at the idea of getting rid of them.

Mike's own demeanor is kind, cheerful, and upbeat, but he is also awkward, hesitant, and secretive. He will not admit to things unless directly confronted, but even then he is reluctant to do so. The Bold and the Booty-ful reveals him to apparently be a skilled dancer (or at least better than one of his alters). He loves action movies and sports, particularly ultimate kickboxing. His biography hints that he may volunteer to help other young people, and develops positive relationships with them. Mike is extremely protective of Zoey and earns a reputation as not being harmful to anything or anyone. He tends to care about people even at the risk of losing the game. As a result of his kindness, the others refuse to believe he is of any threat when certain campers warn of the danger amongst them.


Mike is the third tallest member only being shorter then Shag and Blitz.