"Oh really"
Vital statistics
Title The Hunter Wannabe
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Toph
Health 100
Level 1
Status Alive
Location United States

Topher appeared in the FANON SEIRES ONLY NOT THE REAL, here is Topher's official page, . Topher is a big fan of the road rovers and really wants to join the team. He admires Hunter and looks up to him as if he was his father. Topher is friends with Colleen and is attracted to her like Blitz but he isn't as annoying as Blitz. Topher sometimes interacts with Exile, but they seem to have a ok relationship, though they once went out to a party before. Topher is seen to be good friends with Shag and Muzzle as he enjoys to be around them. He dislikes the Groomer but he tries to take her job at one point. He seems to find General Parvo funny at times. When Topher had to save the gang from Parvo he once used the "Topher Experience." Oh lord that was weird.